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These days, everywhere you look it seems like there are vitamins and supplements being hurled at you. Every other block in the mall has a GNC supplement store selling tubs of vitamins. In the aisle at the pharmacy, you might see twelve types of vitamin B and also every single fish oil imaginable, plus multivitamins for pretty much every age and gender. There is one for teen women, adult men, older women, middle-aged men, men with calcium deficiency, and maybe even women without iron deficiency.

A lot of people would assume that this is simply a marketing gimmick, but unfortunately vitamin and mineral deficiency is a real and serious issue that everybody needs to be aware of, regardless of their age and gender.

Young children

Parents should make sure that their young children get all the vitamins they need because having enough vitamins and also eating the right kinds of food (in large enough quantities) is the only way that you can make sure that your child grows up healthy and strong. However, some children have trouble swallowing full sized vitamins and these vitamins are too large for them to offer the right types of dosages anyway. Because of this, companies manufacture and market children’s vitamins, which are vitamins specifically designed for children. Unlike adult vitamins, these vitamins are usually chewable and are flavored in a way that will be favorable to children’s pallets. So, children are more easily able to each children vitamins.

Calcium deficiency

Calcium deficiency is especially a problem in women. Unlike men, women menstruate and in the process expel a lot of iron each month. Because of this, it is a good idea for women, especially younger women, to take calcium supplements. But why? Well, women who are older often get brittle bones due to not having gotten enough calcium when they were younger. The body’s ability to store calcium decreases with age so women who did not get enough calcium when they were younger cannot necessarily make up for it when they are older, though it is still a good idea for older women to take calcium.

Iron deficiency

Almost all women, as well as African American men, are at increased risk for iron deficiency. Women are at risk for the same reasons that they are at risk for calcium deficiency. However, luckily for them, the body’s ability to absorb iron does not drop as much with age as its ability to absorb iron, which means that it is very good to take iron supplements as you get older because your body can still make use of all of it or at least most of it. Iron overdose is easier than vitamin overdose but you should still take iron supplements along with multivitamins and with mineral supplements and fish oil supplements.

This is a guest post by Murray Newman, the CEO and Founder of Murray writes on a variety of health & lifestyle blogs.