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blog right from homeLet’s face it, staying at home and taking care of both the house and the children is tough. It’s even considered one of the hardest jobs in the world. Unfortunately, stay-at-home moms or dads don’t get paid for it.

On the bright side, technology has improved so much that anyone can now work. And stay-at-home parents have found a way to earn money and still maintain a happy home. How? Blogging.

What is Blogging?

It’s like a diary, but everyone can see it because it’s on the internet. Businesspeople saw this as a marketing opportunity. So they started paying bloggers for promoting their products.

Alright, I get it, so where do I start?

Hold your horses! You must know that like any business, blogging is not an instant cash. It takes time and effort before you get the money rolling. You have to be patient. Read on for five ways to make money from Blogging.

  1. Create your blog

This is a little too obvious, isn’t it? But for you to make money from blogging, well, you’re going to need a blog.

For parents out there that aren’t exactly tech savvy, you can search for blog sites on the internet. Choose which of those you think would work for you. If you still need a little help, web agencies can help you with creating your blog.

Web agencies are companies that help you in setting up your website or blog site. They can also help you with site maintenance and marketing.

  1. Plan and create your content

You can’t get money if you don’t have readers. And you can’t have readers if you don’t have content! So get your gears turning and start planning. Ask yourself. How many times a week should I post? What do I want to write about? Who are my readers and how will they enjoy my blog?

Create content that will make an impact in someone’s life. Oh, and one important thing: Be honest. Building trust is important for you to earn money from your blog.

  1. Find readers

After writing a smashing content, you’ll now need people to read them. Don’t focus too much on your blog. Readers don’t appear like magic. So you need to start promoting it too.

Who is your audience? What are they doing online? Look for other blogs or social accounts and leave good comments while you promote your blog. This will let you build relationships with your potential readers. Ask your friends to help too!

  1. Engage with your readers

At this point, you need to take care of the readers you have. It doesn’t matter how many. What’s important is you make them feel valued. This will make them loyal to you and your blog.

Reply to comments. Reach out to them by asking for blog post ideas. This will help you find out what they want without worry if they like it because the idea already came from them! If they want what they read, they’ll want other people to read it too.

  1. Take advantage of income streams

Notice that steps 1-4 are about your blog and your readers. Those steps are essential building blocks for you to be able actually to earn income from your blog. Now, once you’ve gained a lot of readers, you can think about taking advantage of income streams. Don’t forget to learn Google AdWords Management

Income streams will be the source of your hard earned money. One of these is advertising income where many bloggers start. As your blog grows, you’ll find paying advertisers wanting to gain exposure to your readers. Web agencies can help you with this. They act as a middleman to allow smaller publishers to post ads on your blog.

Once you’ve done these steps, your blog will grow, and you’ll start to earn more. So what are you waiting for? Create your blog now!